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Welcome to Jackson County

This site was developed to provide a home for the Heritage Center and Historical Assoc..
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Jackson County Historical Assoc. &  Scottsboro/Jackson County Heritage Center

Congratulations to the Historical Association for their 30 Year anniversary!
Click HERE to see the Anniversary Luncheon.
See the historic building of Jackson County by visiting the Scottsboro/Jackson County Heritage Center and by Joining the Jackson County Historical Assoc.
Visit the Calendar of events for the Heritage Center and Historical Assoc.

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Visit the Jackson County Classifieds page.
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Jackson County Directory of Churches & Church Calendars of Special Events
Churches in Your area by Denomination
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Calendar of Events
Church of God

Farewell to the original Macedonia School!

Visit our Macedonia School page to see a slideshow of Macedonia School, today and yesterday. Add your comments, stories, and the latest on your classmates.

Parks and Recreation

Jackson County is largest County in the state covered in Woods, Lakes, Rivers and wildlife. Jackson County has numerous Tourist attractions, such as Kennamer Cove, Gorham's Bluff, Cathedral Caverns, not to mention the countless Parks and Historic landmarks like the Town square, old Train Depots and the historic District. Take a virtual Tour of Jackson County.
Now there is the North Alabama Birding Trail for those avid bird watchers. Click here for more.....

First Monday
Take a Tour of the Jackson County 1st Monday.
Click here to see more.

See the sites of the County's Flea Market

Sites of Interest
Parks like Bucks Pocket, Jackson County Park and Cathedral Caverns.
Jackson County Chamber of commerce has information about Vacations, camping, Parks and Recreations.
See the Tourism page of Jackson County Chamber of Commerce for more locations and information.
For special Events, see the Jackson County Chamber of commerce Calendar.
Visit the Alabama Tourism Page for State Sites of interest.
Sand Mountain Online and Sand Mountain has many interesting facts about Sand mountain Cities and towns.
Goosepond Colony has Golfing fishing, Marinas, Lodging and Camping.

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Towns of Jackson County

We have a complete listing of towns and maps of Jackson County with their history and some pictures.

Businesses in Jackson County

Business in Jackson are growing and thriving. The Chamber of Commerce can provide you with information about business in Jackson County and starting your own business.

Historical Jackson County Links

This History of Jackson County is detailed in several places.
Alabama Genealogy Forums and web sites detailing the history and cemeteries in Jackson County
Historical Locations in Jackson County.
Books on Jackson County